Linn Chiropractic has helped hundreds of patients with a variety of health problems. 

Here some of them are sharing how their life quality has been improved through our caring touch.

I started seeing Dr. Stender in 2015 because I was having migraine headaches at least three or four times a month. After having treatment, I have been migraine free for almost six years now! I also always love coming in the office and talking to the front desk, who is so friendly and always makes me feel welcome. Dr. Stender is a great chiropractor! I would recommend him to anyone.


I'm an RN in the medical field I was very skeptical, however after several steriod injections and no relief I went to Dr. Linn. He was actually referred by a Spine MD who stated give him a couple of months and if no relief come back for poss surgery. Well that was 2 1/2 yrs ago and I have never been back to the back surgeon. Not only has he relieved my back pain , when I had TMJ he took care of that too. He became the new love of my life after relieving my chronic back pain.


I don't know what you did, but I have been cleaning the basement. I have moved and lifted very heavy objects. Usually my hip (sacrum) would have been out on the first lift. It is amazing!

Jackie T.

We would like you to know how much we appreciated everything you have done for our son, Blake.
After all of the so-called conventional treatments gave him no relief from his pain we were frustrated to say the least. Blake was very fortunate the day he received your letter in the mail offering him a consultation and an opportunity and some hope that someone would be able to give him some relief from his pain.

Needless to say we are extremely disappointed that the workers comp insurance refused to pay for Blake's treatments. You have been very gracious in treating Blake knowing that he has been unable to work and not able to pay for your services at this time. After seeing the marked improvement in Blake from your treatments my husband and I are also encouraging our friends, family and co-workers to contact you for consultation.

Again, we truly appreciate the care, compassion and generosity that Blake has received from you.


I would like to thank you for bringing pain relief to my son, Nathan. He hurt his shoulder in football his freshman year in college. He is now 22 years old. I have had him to several doctors and other chiropractors as well, and they were never able to help him.

He has continued to suffer this shoulder pain until his FIRST visit with you. It is so nice to know that you were able to diagnose and treat his condition without having to pay for an MRI or other expensive procedures. Thank you so very much for your competent treatment. I really appreciate this, and especially the way you handled his payments, since he is a college student and does not currently have health insurance.

Keep up the great work!


I have been a patient of Dr. Stender's for just a few weeks now, and I am not sure how I made it through the past four years without him! As the 22 year-old daughter of two traditional doctors, I was skeptical of chiropractors. I thought there was some degree of hocus pocus to it all, and I was nervous but getting desperate. Every chiropractor I have met has been some outrageous flavor of crazy, like the one next door to my office who is like a used car salesman in every way possible. Thanks, but no thanks, doc.

I found Linn Chiropractic on Google and decided to give it a shot. For the last four years, aka my entire adult life, I have had chronic neck and low back pain and sporadic debilitating low back spasms. All I wanted was to feel my age. After numerous trips to physicians, urgent care and even the ER for my back, no one was working with me to solve the problem. Doctors would throw some pain meds in my lap, tell me to stretch before and after exercising, and send me limping out the door to get on to the next patient. I trusted them, as experts, and just soldiered on until the next flare-up that would keep me bedridden for for days. Repeat.

Until Dr. Stender, no one listened to me. No one asked me relevant questions, no one honored my multiple requests for x-rays. No one thought that someone my age could possibly have chronic neck and back pain without a specific severe injury. At my first visit, Dr. Stender asked me all of the right questions. Better yet? He listened to my responses. We did range of motion tests, and he asked very specific questions about the pain and other sensations I was experiencing in my neck, back and legs. He told me what he thought was going on, and we began treatment for a chronic spinal injury in my lower back.

After being doubted for so long by other healthcare professionals, I just about cried (tears of joy!) at the validation of my suspicions. My intuition was right. Something was wrong, and Dr. Stender got to the core of the problem within the first visit or two. I am blown away by his accuracy, his professionalism and his calm and hopeful demeanor. I've started an intense rehabilitation type program with him and after just a couple weeks, I'm noticing major progress. This guy is good, ladies and gentlemen. I highly recommend his work.

Side note: the entire office staff are just a joy. Fun, friendly and great at what they do!

Sarah G.

My back has been killing me for the past couple months, mostly likely either from stress, from a wakeboarding accident this summer, or both. Regardless, I got a couple massages at a couple different places, and though they provided temporary relief, nothing helped the problem in the longer term until I saw Sara.

Sara is extremely knowledgeable about and skilled in identifying the sources of pain, and working the surrounding muscles to relieve that pain. It's as if she can see through your skin to the muscles underneath. She has very strong hands and excellent technique for being so tiny. She also gave me some exercises to do moving forward to help. The facility is friendly, clean and professional, and the prices are extremely reasonable. I definitely recommend!!!

Merideth M.

Every movement was painful. I could barely lift my foot high enough to clear a curb. My aching body consumed my life. I needed help. When I dragged myself to an MD, he sympathized with my plight, diagnosed me as having fibromyalgia and recommended a course of steroids. Reluctant to embark on such extreme chemical treatment, I expressed my concern to a good friend. "Oh, she said, Go to Dr. Linn. He is a real healer." I will be forever grateful for that advice.

Cynthia C.

I have been to doctor after doctor and I didn’t feel any better and they told me it was in my head. Dr. Stender helped me and my symptoms are gone and I feel great."

Cindy C.

After a car accident a person has more then enough to be concerned about, especially their health. But after my car accident all my health concerns were put to rest when I walked through the doors of Linn Chiropractic. From the moment I met Dr. Linn, my chiropractor, and Sara, my neuromuscular massage therapist, I knew they would always have my best interest in mind, a personal sense of security that is rare these days. I saw the dedication in their eyes to cure my daily headaches, I heard the compassion in their voice when they took the time to answer all my questions and explain the treatment they fashioned just for me, and I felt hope when the severity of my headaches lessen after each appointment. My treatment was also well rounded from instituting a particular bed pillow that helped my neck pain to teaching me exercises that I could do at home to maximize the benefit of an appointment and to keep me on the road to recovery after my time with Linn Chiropractic. My car accident was one of the worst events in my life, but going to Linn Chiropractic proved to be one of the best decisions I ever made, for my body and mind."

Amy B.

In the fall of 2012, I developed a deep discomfort in my lower right quadrant (lower right abdominal area). As the months progressed the discomfort intensified. By the end of December, I decided that it may be something serious and made a doctor appointment for early January. To make a long story short, I ended up being sent for an ultrasound. Both external and internal. Nothing was found. The following day I ended up in the ER because of the discomfort and just plain wanting to know what was wrong. I was sent to talk to the surgeon who does colonoscopy procedures and one was scheduled. I emerged from the colonoscopy with flying colors and no answers. So a Cat Scan was ordered. Following the Cat Scan, I was in so much pain that I ended up in Urgent Care but immediately was sent to the ER. There another series of external and internal ultrasounds were done. Again nothing was found. During this time I was put on a low dose narcotic for the discomfort and pain. Although I found relief from the pain killers, they caused anxiety attacks and made me feel horrible. I chose to deal with the pain. I chose to go to a gynecologist in Omaha. Before my appointment with her, I had two MRI's on two different days because various views were needed by the doctor reading the MRI. After consulting with the gynecologist, she put me on progesterone. This made me feel awful physically and mentally. The gynecologist suggested and I opted for exploratory laparoscopic surgery.

Surgery was completed on April 1 of this year. Again, nothing was found that could be causing my deep discomfort and pain. The week following my surgery, I developed a bad lower back pain inconjunction to my lower right quadrant discomfort. I had returned to work in Norfolk and by the following week, the back pain was so bad, that I decided that I wasn't leaving Norfolk until I had had an adjustment somewhere. I had a chiropractor in Columbus, but just felt I needed adjusted before I left Norfolk and didn't want to wait on an appointment in Columbus. I asked three people in the office where I worked who they went to and each gave me a different name. One business wouldn't take me without a lot of fees straight up and the second one was gone to lunch. The last name given to me was Linn Chiropractic. They just asked how soon I could come. I went right over.
There I met the answers to my prayers. And the answers to the source of all my discomfort and pain. I honestly to this day do not feel that Dr. Nathan Stender understands what a "God" story this is that I ended up in their office that day. And to find that he specializes in muscles and tissues was part of the miracle in itself. In fact, I tell people to this day when he was pushing on my back and explaining his expertise to me, I really didn't care. I hurt so much. I just wanted an adjustment; to feel better; and to go home. I had pretty much had enough of doctors. But then he put pressure on an area of my back that sent riveting pain throughout the whole area that I had been having this deep discomfort and pain. Part of the problem of explaining this pain and discomfort to doctors was that it was "deep" and it was never easy to find the origin of where it started or ended. It would sometimes radiate and it mimicked symptoms of appendicitis which had been ruled out.

Dr. Stender's pressure on that origin of my pain about sent me flying off the table. He explained to me that it was my psoas muscle. Dr. Stender showed me on the internet where this muscle was located, deep in the body. With Massage therapist, Sara Shald and Dr. Stender, over the course of the following weeks, my pain and discomfort diminished. Sara taught me how to stretch this muscle to avoid re-injury so I could return to my love of running. We traced my pulled psoas muscle to a torked lower back probably caused by strength conditioning with my daughter who plays college volleyball. My visits to Linn Chiropractic have diminished to an occasional "tune up". I would recommend Linn Chiropractic to everyone. The everyone in the office is very friendly and welcoming.

Shari M.


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