Carpel Tunnel

Your Norfolk Chiropractor Offers Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Classified as a repetitive stress injury, carpal tunnel syndrome is chronic pain and stiffness of the wrists, hands and fingers caused by repeating the same motions on a daily basis. Assembly production work, typing several hours a day and athletic activities involving heavy use of the wrists, hands and fingers can put you at risk for suffering carpal tunnel syndrome. Other conditions conducive to CTS include chronic illnesses known to cause nerve damage (especially diabetes), rheumatoid arthritis, body fluid imbalances that increase pressure on the median nerve in your wrist and thyroid disorders.


In general, any health issue that compresses and irritates the median nerve running through the carpal tunnel in your wrist often produces symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Fortunately, your Norfolk chiropractor can relieve the pain, stiffness and achiness of CTS without surgery or medications.

Chiropractic Manipulation of the Upper Spine, Arm and Wrist

Misalignment of your spine may contribute to or directly cause symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Drs. Stender and Linn treat carpal tunnel syndrome with gentle yet effective techniques for repositioning misaligned spinal vertebrae to normalize biomechanical properties of your musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic manipulation also helps restore joint stability by pumping out excess fluids and improving blood flow to your extremities. In addition, therapeutic manipulation of the vertebrae accelerates the natural healing process by stimulating motor and sensory reflexes to encourage better circulation of nutritional fluids throughout the body. Chiropractic manipulation of your spine, arm and wrist not only eliminates painful CTS symptoms but can also relieve general back, neck and muscle pain.

Wrist Supports for Treating Carpal Tunnel

Your chiropractor may recommend wearing specially designed wrist supports to alleviate pressure on the median nerve and reduce inflammation. Additionally, wrist supports keep your wrists properly aligned while performing repetitive tasks to prevent the median nerve from suffering pressure within the carpal tunnel opening. When combined with manipulation, chiropractic wrist supports work well to reduce CTS pain as well as tendonitis and arthritic pain.

Chiropractic manipulation, wearing doctor-recommended wrist supports and/or undergoing acupuncture treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome has helped many people avoid unnecessary CTS surgery by decreasing inflammation, removing pressure on the median nerve and improving functional aspects of their arms, wrists, hands and fingers.

If you are suffering carpal tunnel syndrome, don't decide surgery is your only hope before scheduling a consultation appointment with Linn Chiropractic of Norfolk. Please call us today to learn more about treating CTS without medications or surgery: (402) 371-8864.



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